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Help - Color Match image colors to artists' paints

Paint Color Match Screen

An image can be loaded by either opening a file or pasting an image from Windows Clipboard.

mtch image color to apint

By moving the mouse over the loaded image, the top left color swatch will show the color under the cursor. Clicking on the image with result in the top right swatch showing the selected color, and in a color match list being developed. The extent of that artists' paint list depends on which paint brands have been selected in Match Color Options.

Color Match options

As with the Visual Color Wheel and Mixing Color Wheel, one can select an artists' paint brand or a collection of paint brands. Additionally, one can set the extent of the sampling areas when selecting a color from the loaded image. By default a 1x1 pixel area is sampled, but 5x5 pixels, 10x10 pixels and 20x20 pixels sampling areas can be selected to provide color averaging:

sampling size match color

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