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Colorist for Artists Help - Color Schemer

Adding Colors to Color Schemer

Colors are added to the current color scheme from the Visual Color Wheel. Simply click on any artists' color in the list, and the color will be added below to the current color scheme. The shortcut button will take one to the Color Schemer, as will the Color Schemer tab:
add_color_to scheme

Color Schemer Screen


To change a color on the test image, first select a color from the color scheme at the left. If a chroma-lightness variation of that color is desired, click on one of the available color variations at the bottom left.

Then click on any colored area of the test image, and the color will change to your selected scheme color. To return to the default coloring, click on Reset Colors.

Color Schemer Options allow one to delete a Color Scheme, create a new Color Scheme, or change to a different saved Color Scheme. Color Schemes are saved automatically.

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